As Sure as Eggs is Eggs

The College farm is currently thriving under the stewardship of farmer Jon. Committed to sustainability, the farm aims to be self-sufficient and independent of any grants from the College. Recently the parents’ association spent a lovely Sunday afternoon planting trees to replace the hawthorn and sycamore that have been cleared from the valley. They were rewarded with a barbecue serving sausages made with pork reared on the farm and butchered a short distance away. These were quite delicious and even more palatable given the low food miles they required from farm to plate.
The farm also produces free range eggs. Sadly these are not able to be used in the College kitchens as they are not date stamped. The fact that the pupils can watch them being laid is not good enough for the bureaucrats. At present, the cost of a date stamper is well beyond the farm budget so we won’t be seeing our own eggs being served in the dining hall, a mere 400m from the hen house, anytime soon. Luckily the eggs are available to staff and I can attest that they make lovely cakes and are delicious as part of a traditional full English breakfast. I wonder how many other small holdings are falling foul of such regulation- designed to protect us, of course- and watching local restaurants instead buying eggs from far and wide.

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