About The Cycling Scientist

I enjoy teaching science. I enjoy cycling. I love Twitter and have found it an extremely useful device to keep up with new developments in teaching and learning, science issues and news from Team Sky and others that doesn’t make the mainstream sports news. However, I have used Twitter only to explore the great work of others and I haven’t really contributed much. That has to change!
Recently I took part in the #RealTimeChem twitter event and even won a gold award on St George’s Day for my post! It was great seeing all the posts from practising chemists around the world. I was taken back in time 20 years to my lab days in Southampton and I could even recall the distinctive smell as if I’d just stepped out of the lift and onto the organic chemistry floor! Through Twitter I have also discovered great blogs from chemists just like I had once been (please read that last sentence carefully- I am not suggesting I was a great chemist). It was a revelation; I still felt part of it! These days, running a TLC for the students is a real chore as I do it so rarely and the most complicated NMR spectrum I need to explain is ethanol.
The fact that I am interested in what the chemistry fraternity is blogging about while doing #RealTimeChemistry is cause enough for me to contribute to the general discussion about chemistry, science, environmental issues, teaching and learning. Oh, and cycling! Whether anyone will be interested in what I write is immaterial. It will be good for me!

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