Say it with a Picture

I have recently been carrying out some self-assessment exercises with my students. I wanted to use a form on our VLE to harvest the information and began to compose the form page. As well as the text box options, I noticed a “file upload” option, so decided on the spur of the moment to have students upload a picture “which reflects how you feel about chemistry lessons at the moment”. I expected simple images of smiley faces (I’m an optimist!), thumbs up and the odd “selfie” with a goofy face. I got some of these, but I also got a lot more which say a huge amount about the students and their confidence (or otherwise). In one case the picture was quite poignant.

This student is telling me he/she is doing well and feeling confident:

winky thumbs up

This one also seems to be on the right track:

thumbs up

This student is most definitely winning:

I'm winning

This student is getting a little bogged down with the subject:


This student thinks I am not making much sense:what are you talking 'bout

(I’m not convinced they fully get the reference though at 15 years old)

This student isn’t getting it either and is fed up:

fed up baby

But the one which almost brought a tear to my eye, and said more in one image that 1000 words of self-assesssment, is this one:

I suck

I think this is definitely worth repeating next time, and I hope that this last particular student is going to be feeling a lot better after some extra help.

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