Periodic Table of T Shirts

I happen to have three students whose names are also the symbols of chemical elements. I thought it would be fun to get them a T-shirt with their name on in the style of a periodic table entry (see image below- not their real name!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere that sold them, despite enquiring to the #RealTimeChem community.

So, how about a collaboration, via Twitter using the #PeriodicTableofTShirts hashtag? I will design the logos and work out the colour scheme for the T shirts. Once you have decided which element you want, let me know via @cyclinscience. I will send you a bespoke logo for your shirt and details of the colour you should order so that we keep things smart for our group photo. All you need to do is visit an online T shirt printing service ( I recommend as they are reliable and print locally in many countries), choose the T-shirt and colour suggested, apply the logo, and order and pay for it. Shirts will cost around £15 plus P+P. I get nothing other than the satisfaction that my T-shirts will be building a Periodic Table around the world. Take a photo of yourself wearing yours and I will make up the world’s most interesting Periodic Table and I will add it to the link below.

Periodic Table of T Shirts via Prezi

If the Prezi fails to load below use the link above. Hopefully this Prezi/Wordpress glitch will be fixed soon.

I will keep the table up to date with photos as they are sent to me, and will indicate which photos I am waiting for with a Twitter bluebird logo. By a process of elimination, elements still available will be obvious.

Which one do you want? Let me know via @cyclinscience.

To keep things tidy, the colour scheme will be:

Group I Royal blue
Group II Indigo
Transition Metals Kelly green
Other Metals Bottle green
Group 0 Sky blue
Group VII Red
Other non-metals Coral/Salmon pink
Actinides Orange
Lanthanides Brown

Due to problems with delivery and general lack of confidence with a previous supplier, I am now recommending

The logos will themselves will be on a yellow background. I decided against different colours in the end for my own sanity.

This was the initial concept:

T-Shirt Design Mk 1

T-Shirt Design Mk 1

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